Quindy in TN Finds

I needed two more Civil War relics to total 500 for 2014. On Dec. 30, 2014, Doug Holder and I traveled to a large middle Tennessee U.S. camp that has seen hundreds of relic hunters. On a hill near the camp center, my F75 sounded off with a target reading "70" on the display at only 6-inches depth. After removing two shovels of dirt with my Lesche digging tool, I unearthed a U.S. belt buckle with all three hooks intact and in very good condition. After that find, I just ended the year with 499 relics. Doug was on the way back to the truck while swinging his F75 Ltd when he got a good signal in the general area where he had dug bullets on our way to the hill summit. He unearthed the thin and crudely made lead star device measuring 1-inch by 1-inch that was probably worn on a hat, kepi, or cartridge box. Quindy in TN

Peter Eles Finds

Early 1800's cufflinks these are called (the return), depicts wife of an early 1800's sailor. She's anxiously waiting on his return from his long voyage out to sea.

Gene Scullion aka "Scully Finds"

 "Finding a $1.00 US gold coin as the very first target I dug with my new F70, gave me a huge vote of confidence in its capabilities."

The coin is an 1857, $1.00 US, Indian Princess found at about 3" deep surrounded by plugs from a previous hunter.

Submitted by: Gene S. aka Scully

Machine: F70
Location: Undisclosed

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