Counterfeit Information

Fisher Research Labs® is a subsidiary of First Texas Products Corporation. All Fisher Products are designed, assembled, tested for quality control, and shipped from our factory in El Paso, Texas, USA.

Fisher Research Labs® manufactures products sold worldwide. Because counterfeit products are an unfortunate reality, we recommend purchasing (and using) products sold only by our official store, or from one of our authorized dealers/retailers.

Counterfeit products can be difficult to identify, the differences often subtle. But when purchased elsewhere, you're unlikely to get an authentic Fisher product.

Authentic Fisher Research Labs® products are engineered and manufactured with high-quality materials, and they're always quality-tested before leaving our factory. Since counterfeit or fake devices are not built or tested to these standards, they might perform poorly or malfunction. 

Warning: Chinese manufacturers have produced counterfeits of Fisher Metal Detectors. These counterfeit detectors have the appearance of our authentic products, but not the quality or performance. 

Fisher Research Labs® is dedicated to the removal of counterfeit products being sold online.  If you think you've purchased a counterfeit device, or you've seen what you believe are fake devices being sold, please report it here by filling out the form below.

We take counterfeiting very seriously and investigate every potential counterfeit case reported to us.
Notice to Italian Customers:
Unscrupulous dealers are maligning the good name of Fisher Research Labs® in Italy. All Fisher Research Labs products are made in the U.S.A., in El Paso, Texas. Organizations maligning the Fisher brand are the subject of legal proceedings and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of Italian and E.U. laws.


The following dealers are not authorized to sell Fisher products.

  • Arim_Sales (eBay/Amazon seller) 
  • Asian Detector (India) 
  • Bestseller21 
  • Bravo Pro (Amazon seller)
  • Coolingmist (Amazon seller)
  • Deep Gold Pro
  • eBay seller: BuyAuthorized 
  • Get Feet Wet Navigation 
  • GreenLight Global LLC (Amazon Seller)
  • Indian Detectors
  • Lessisalwaysmorellc (eBay seller)
  • Loop Techno System
  • Mash Detectors (Amazon Seller) 
  • Mehadrin (Amazon seller) 
  • MeoEstore-llc (eBay seller)
  • Metal Detector Town 
  • Sniper Electronics
  • STGroup (Amazon seller)
  • SunDigital Corporation
  • P Coast Partners (Amazon seller)
  • Thai Spy Gadget
  • (Amazon seller)
  • Wackydealsworldwide (eBay seller)
Some Chinese manufacturers, have produced counterfeits of Fisher Metal Detectors. These counterfeit detectors have the appearance of our authentic products, but not the quality or performance.

Beware: These products are of poor quality and do not function as Fisher products.

These companies are known to sell counterfeit products.
  • Active Detecting
  • Kings Metal Detectors

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Since 1931, Fisher has been the most trusted name in metal detection. Whether you are locating buried utilities, in need of security walk through metal detectors or want to find long buried treasures, Fisher technology will find it fast. From analog to digital, in single or multiple frequencies, Fisher quality and innovation are your reliable source for underground locating equipment.

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